Enhance the Alexa Developer Console!

Alexa Fixer makes Alexa development easier by adding useful features to Amazon's Alexa Developer Console. Features include:

Skill List
  • New: "Copy" icons next to "View Skill ID" quickly copy skill ID's to clipboard
  • New: "Test" link in Actions column goes directly to the test tab for a skill
  • Add tags to skill names in the Skill List
  • Filter the Skill List by name or tags
  • Automatically retrieve all pages of skills
  • Sort by any column
  • Filter by Status: Live/In Review/Development
  • Provide a compact skill list view with less whitespace
  • Hide the "Monetization Banner" at the top of the Skills List page
  • Voice & Tone Tab:
    • Stretch SSML input area to full width
    • Add a SpeechMarkdown editor panel that automatically translates to SSML
  • Make the left panel with the intent list scrollable
  • New: Download analytics report raw data to CSV
  • Prevent backspace from navigating "back" in browser
  • Auto-dismiss "Build Successful" messages after a configurable delay
Current version: 3.0.0 (2019-08-06)

Download Analytics Raw Data

Enhanced Skill List

Improved Voice & Tone Test Interface